Most of us get attracted to whatever gets displayed at stores and malls.  Sometimes you are on a shopping spree without even understanding if it would suit our home.  And generally you end-up cluttering the space with misfit items.  You need to be careful and understand that the interiors of any space is a very fine balance of material and empty spaces.  Filling up every wall with designs, patterns, display is not really interior design!!!!   I have seen many designers who create very heavy designs for the false ceiling just because it proves they are a designer or just because the client would be happy that the designer created a very heavy design for them.  All shapes and forms, multiple materials, multiple colors and patterns … all come into play…. Without a single connecting cord.  Things get done just to finish them up…. The interiors of any space must be soothing and calm.  If the space is loud or it shouts out it may not really be too good for a home or office, especially if you are or have hired an interior designer.


Usually in the middle class, when people try to upgrade their lifestyles, the home of their dreams is the first choice for doing the expenses.  They may not know about interior design, and google is not too much of a help either.  Then there are the not-so-professional close friends, relatives and neighbours who are always available for some VERY GOOD suggestions that too FREE OF COST!!!!  Ultimately it is a perfect recipe for disaster…… End Result…. A home which got enough money spent on it and yet it is far from being designer.  It is easier to hire an expert Interior Designer who would first understand your choices and help you discover your preferences.  He can help you do the new space in a simpler way and with lesser effort.

HOME IS NOT A HOTEL…. You have to take this into consideration.  Your home has to be comfortable and inviting for all family members.  Everyone needs space to be oneself.  A formal setting like a hotel may not be the need of a home.  So while your home has to look good and designer, it need not be a hotel at all times.  Plan your home accordingly.

Similarly an office interiors have to be sober and help in concentration.  Office spaces are not restaurants or clubs so avoid making choices which may be too loud for an office.


If you wisely hire the best interior designer suitable your project, it will help you save lots of money and reduce wastage of time and effort.  More more details on how to choose a good designer for your project, you can read our article – “How to Choose Best Interior Designer for your Project”



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