In continuity of Sensible Designing-Part1…..

Once you have decided that you want to hire an Interior Designer, you need to do your home work.


Any good interior designer would want to know what you want from your project …be it your residence, your office, showroom or any other space. SO you must answers to all such questions.  You should be CLEAR about your requirements.  Just saying “We don’t want much work done” does not help you nor does it save you money in consultancy.  The professional needs to visualize the space in entirety and that is his expertise. You are wanting to hire the services of a professional because you thought it would be better.  Do allow the professional to work sincerely.  Giving half the information can be dangerous for your project.  Do not try to conceal facts or your hidden desires.  If you think you will add to the workload later on,  you would be surprised to know that you may end up wasting lot of money!!!!


Even before you meet the best interior designer, you and your immediate family must know what you like and what you don’t.  It helps in avoiding unnecessary confusion.  It is always better to use internet for this purpose and collect some reference images of styles you like.  Do not be HARD on your collected images…. They are at best only a reasonable hint to your designer about what you like.  Thereafter let him decide what will work best.


It’s your space and it’s your pocket.  Let’s face it.  All the money shall be spent from your pocket.  And it is only you who knows – what is your comfortable budget and extended budget.  Giving your designer the correct picture about your budget range will help him make wiser decisions otherwise you may get stuck half-way in the project for lack of funds.

For change to happen YOU need to change. 

If you want to change the way your home looks or functions, it is you who will have to change first.  A designer can only add value to the space if you also upgrade your choices, thoughts and tastes to a new level.  Sometimes the clients do not change themselves and yet want a designer lifestyle. Let’s face it… your home or space looks good only when your living/working habits match the new lifestyle.

Be it home interiors or office interiors or showroom interiors, the Designers charge you for their professional skill and time spent.  It does not matter what kind of interior design project it is, or how big or small.  If your requirements change constantly, the designer gets forced to bill you higher else the project does not get justified attention. So make sure that you do not change your requirements during the design process. Decide on them as a first step and stick to them unless it is really crucial to make changes.


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