During the many years of my career, i have met people who think interior designing is as simple as drawing a few random lines.  Yes indeed it does involve drawing lines, but those lines hold a lot of value and are done a careful thought.  Trust me, converting your dreams into reality is no simple task.

At Eternity Designers, we follow a simple design process to achieve desired results in a systematic manner.  It helps us in understanding your desires and requirements.  It helps us to find right solutions and make modifications to create a perfect plan. 


It’s not just about choosing the right products. It’s about creating that magic – the feeling that makes your home special.


We design beautiful luxury interiors for clients who want the magic. And we handle everything so you don’t have to. That means a stress-free design process, and more time for you to focus on the other important things in your life. From the big picture planning to the most minute detail, we take care of all the design and logistics to get you the results you’re after; a stunning home that reflects your lifestyle and functions for you and your family. Simply put, a home you’ll love.

We believe in open, two-way communication. We listen carefully to what you have to say, analyze the challenges, and then hit the ground running to create the best design to meet your needs. Your project is diligently managed and meticulously executed, right from the first meeting through placing the final accessory.

We are your “one stop shop” for all your design needs, for getting your home/property rejuvenated!



Once you would have been through our website, just fix and appointment at our office and we are ready to take it forward. We will understand your needs and sign up to design for you.


We will visit site, take photographs, measure and understand your needs in detail. In a few days we will come up with basic ideas and plan. Once you approve of it, we move forward.


At this stage we create detailed plans and you can actually visualize the entire project. Most components are almost final, and plans drawn to detail, as per previous inputs.


Despite best efforts, there may be some minor changes required. These are reviewed and incorporated, so that what you get is a perfect project which fulfills your dream.


Through the entire process we have put in countless hours and effort, to reach this culmination point. We submit to you all details, working drawings and presentations.


let the magic begin

Fill in the form and let the process begin.

We will make sure to connect with you and take this forward.

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