Vaneesh Mittal

A designer who loves to CREATE PRACTICAL SPACES.

Vaneesh is a dreamer!  You are sure to find in him a friend who is always by your side and a dedicated professional while at work.  He likes straight talk and honest deal.  A little finicky about time punctuality and a bit rigid on work schedules, he is always on his toes trying to give his best shot for undertaken projects. 


As a designer, he creates balanced interiors that are equal parts form and function – brought to life by his use of Indian and Contemporary fusion. His designs are exuberant yet always have a way of transcending the trends. Aptly he has named his design venture as “ETERNITY” meaning “Endless in Time”.  His design philosophy revolves around the principle of “function first” and “optimum design”.

Vaneesh has the unique ability to really and truly connect with his clients and give each and every one of them the personal attention they deserve. Working within his fresh yet timeless style, he develops each design based on the unique personality and lifestyle of his client. 

His confident yet warm and inviting personality plays a major role into his vast success as a designer. The testimonials he has received from his clients speak for him.  Click to view…

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