Does Quality Matter in Interior Designing?

It is ridiculous!  How can one do that?

I have personally seen over the years that in order to buy at a lesser price, we often compromise on quality of what we are buying… little do we realize how it has continuously eroded the quality of life we live!  We have becoming more and more price conscious – so much that importers are buying the worst production from the world to sell to us … just because majority of Indians are just not quality conscious!


There are a thousand products available in market and each has its own target.  Nothing is bad and nothing is the best.  Everything has it’s own value which justifies the price being paid for it.


What a user sees is just a product, and often calculates the cost of material – its weird but lots of us do that! We go to a restaurant and think a plate of Rajma-Rice costs a maximum of x grams of Rajma and y grams of Rice and z ml of oil, etc etc and come to a conclusion that it should not be more than a particular price.  Little do we understand that there is so much more to it… material procurement, storage, wastage, kitchen equipment, staff who prepares it, the place we sit in, the ambience, the air-conditioning, the staff, the disposables, the paper napkins, the clean-up.  Isn’t it?

Without thinking usually we say – “pretty expensive”!  But well, quality costs money!

Quality matters! and it should matter… because money is hard-earned.  And just because it is hard-earned, you need to spend it on products which can deliver you good quality output over a long period.  Imagine buying a cheap product – (in belief that you have saved money) – and ending up buying better product later because the first didn’t work!

It has been an old-adage in India – “Mehnga roye ek baar, sasta roye baar-baar!”  –  meaning – “Paying higher for Better Quality hurts only once, but paying lesser hurts repeatedly!”

So whenever you make your next purchase, be SMART!

Buy the best and spend wisely!  Choose the best interior designer for your project and nothing less.  It will cost a bit but is worth the money.  Spend on Quality – it helps! 🙂

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