Spaces in Urban India are just too precious to be wasted!!! Using the services of a qualified Interior Designer is of importance (while not too many people understand this). As a common man, it is quite justified to think of reducing costs for the home or office renovation project that you are about to undertake. For the purpose Internet has come to the rescue. You can just Google anything and get information, reference images, furniture types, colour schemes and so on…. the list is endless. So obviously, you can do the entire project on your own.

BUT WAIT, is this assumption entirely correct?

Imagine spending those precious hours of your quality time for:

  • Selecting Designs
  • Selecting Colors
  • Selecting Furniture
  • Selecting Vendors and suppliers
  • Dealing with all of them in different time schedules.

And while you do all this, you have the creeping fear of making COSTLY MISTAKES …. small things that can go wrong at every stage can actually spoil the entire hardwork and the precious time and the precious money you had hard-earned!!!

Isn’t it a better option to INVEST in an Interior Designer right from the day you think of an interiors project?


To know more about the details of how you should approach your project and how to work with your designer just read through “The Interior Design Process”

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