Shopping has become more frequent now than ever before. Variety of styles, materials , colors, patterns etc to choose from. And yet, when you go out for shopping for clothes or other items, you generally have very simple choices…choices of fabric, of colour, of patterns etc.


Similarly, your home showcases your own individual entity. You need not be a copy of someone else. You have your own distinct personality and tastes and your home can look beautiful with all your choices. All you need to do is understand your design style.


When we talk of India, we find such a huge diversity of cultures and such a long history that it can sometimes get confusing about our own true identity and tastes.


However, depending on where we belong to in India and where we have been living, and the kind of exposure we have, our design style may well be a mix of our ancestral, regional and current styles. This is usually one common problem for most of the Indian families.


The best way to solve this is asking yourself one single question – “What kind of interiors you will not get bored of … over the next 4-5 years?”

The answers could be “Like my ancestral home in my village”, OR “Like the way people style their homes in Rajasthan” OR “The way all showrooms display contemporary designs from the west”, OR may be you still have a mixed bag of answers.


Collect some images of things and styles you like from the internet or from magazines. You may still not be able to define your own design style but then you always have your friendly interior designer to help you do this. You may have questions at this stage for choosing your interior designer.  Our blogpost “5 QUESTIONS WHILE CHOOSING BEST INTERIOR DESIGNER FOR YOUR PROJECT”  helps you tackle this situation. 


During your first meeting with the designer discuss all that and let him know all that you have researched. Once you have detailed him, give him enough freedom to use his professional expertise to help you.

Once this step gets over you can be sure of getting your dream home just as you had always wanted…A DREAM COME TRUE……A HOME COMFORTABLE AND INVITING……EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

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