Redesigning a space (entire home or just a room space), is not as easy as it looks. There are various factors that can affect the way a room like no. of doors, windows, ceiling heights, position of beams and columns, colour scheme, furniture, and the use to which the room has been put.

However, now that you are thinking of redesigning your home or your room … there are very important things you need to understand.

There are these 7 KEYS to redesigning your home –
Know your choices and style –

If internet seems to be your dearest friend and free of cost advisor … BEWARE!!! Internet cannot replace the skills of a professional interior designer. At best you can get some ideas about what you want e.g. you may want a particular type of colour, or a furniture piece or a frame. You can collect images of what you like or what you want from the internet.

Know what you want to remove –

As much as you would want to add to the room, you may also have to remove the unwanted stuff!!! Over the years some things must have lost there utility, some may have gained value due to their becoming antique while others may just need to get a fresh look. Any ways, you need to be sure of what all you would want to discard.

Know your budget –

You need to sincerely assess what your pocket is allowing you for. Also, by how much can you stretch the budget so that you do not imbalance and are in a manageable situation.

Knowing your budget and letting your designer know of this early in the discussions is very important to save on time and money. It is a difficult situation if your designer comes up with an expensive design proposition after a lot of effort and you simply turn it down because of budget.


Know your requirements –

You are planning your home to get redesigned. It is quite understandable that you are thinking this because there would be specific issues which are bothering you. So, it is advisable that you should note down all the reasons why you are looking for a home redesign. Is it because you are fed up of the looks of the house or is it because you want some specific function to be achieved? Whatever the reasons, you must know your requirements from the space beforehand.


Understand the limitations –

Before you even start thinking of what all can be done, there would be few things which cannot be done. Something like structural changes can only be done to a limited extent without causing any harm to the strength of the premises, and sometimes because your locality does not allow this. You may not want to change all the door frames and windows; you may not want to redo the entire floor and so on … so there are limitations which are within and beyond your control. You may also be limited by your own choices!!!


Know that your designer is a professional and a few years ahead of you in designing –

While the internet has given immense power in the hands of every individual, yet experience has an important role. Your designer is a professional who has expertise in his trade. He has the power to be able to visualize all the circumstances which you may not really be able to do on your own. Internet images belong to different spaces with a different layout and a different setting. E.g the images related to false ceiling would show ceiling designs without a Ceiling Fan … while in India in most of the areas, a ceiling fan is a MUST HAVE. So you can understand that the same designs would not be applicable.


Understand that time is important –

In today’s fast moving world, if anything is in short supply is time. You are running short of time all the time!!! You are already burdened with your job, your office, your social engagements, family, and what not!!! Home or office redesign is another time consuming process and it consumes even more time when you are not sure what you want exactly. By habit you may feel that a designer would be able to shoot out multiple solutions to you in a few minutes …. But no … this is not possible. The design process is a very scientific process and it is best that this process be followed. It would only save your time and the designer’s time. And yes, you should remember that creative thinking takes a lot of time and every single decision is dependent on some other decision and vice-versa. It is best advised that be cautious of wasting your time. When you are hiring the services of a designer it is because he is the correct person to decide the right and wrong. Believe in him and his expertise!!!.

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