5 Questions While Choosing Interior Designer

This probably the most important decision is you’ll need to make during the entire project. You’re about to invest a great deal in this project and so it’s important you get the very best for your budget. So how do you choose an interior designer? We’ve put together the top ten considerations in ” CHOOSING INTERIOR DESIGNER POST” to help you make the right decision:

Is it a single room refresh or a whole house renovation? If it’s the latter, I would recommend using an experienced interior designer who is used to dealing with projects of this scale.  Newbie designers are happy doing projects of smaller scale (like a washroom, or just a kitchen or room) for getting a chance to work.  To justify their involvement and time, Interior design professionals with experience might find only projects of decent scale as worth taking up. Evaluate your needs and make a choice accordingly.  By hiring someone with little or no experience, are you are willing to take chances with your project and your hard-earned money?  Decide for yourself, but remember experience matters!!!

Do you want to be heavily involved in the design process – selecting furniture and paint colours – with your interior designer acting as a co-ordinator? Or would you happily hand the entire design duties over to your designer and go with his thought process? At this stage, answer for yourself – why are you hiring the designer at all?  Whatever be your situation, make sure there is one leader and single vision.  Lead the team or be led by your designer.  Clarify this during talks with your design team.

This is a very common question we are asked at Eternity Designers.  Sometimes the answer is very clear cut, but due to some overlapping scope of work there exists a little grey area.

Here is where it is clear cut:


Architect:  If your project concerns the outer shell of the building i.e. external walls, roof etc. it is best advised to hire the services of a qualified Architect as they are specialists in structural details of buildings.


Interior designer: If the work includes design details for ceiling, electrical, plumbing and specification of interior wall finishes, woodwork, furniture, fabrics e.g. window dressings, and décor accessories, then certainly an interior designer is your best bet.


Anything in between e.g. internal alterations – which represents a very broad scope – could be done by either, but it will ultimately come down to their individual expertise and experience. If there is a small number of minor internal modifications, e.g. moving a couple of non-structural walls, an interior designer may well be able to assist. However, if the internal alterations are more significant, and will alter the strength




For most projects, it would be sensible to search within roughly a 30 kilometres radius. However, this is very much linked to ‘How big is the project?’ and ‘What will your involvement be?’ If the project will run over a number of months and they will be required to visit site regularly for meetings with you, or check progress on site, it makes sense to use someone relatively local. So technically if you are based in Faridabad and searching for best interior designers in Faridabad, it is best to hire a reputed design firm based in the city.  However, with advancement of technology and post COVID19, some interior designer firms like Eternity Designers can work remotely. This means you can actually get online services for any project location across India from this design team, where the requirements are limited to just drawing details and basic mood board or specifications.




This may be the last but is definitely not the least important thing.  Some people might dismiss this consideration. But actually, you will be working with this person to design your own home, so it’s important that you are on the same wavelength and establish a good working relationship.  You need to feel comfortable interacting with your designer and get to a good frequency match.



By now, you must be confident enough to start your search for the right and most suitable interior designer for your home or office interior design project.

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