So finally, you are thinking of a home interiors makeover!!!


That’s a wonderful start to a creative journey and you will definitely search for the best interior designer near you.  Once you have found some local listings and made some basic enquiry calls, you will realise that almost everything will depend on – “What exactly do you want to get done?”  Your space, your needs, your preferences, your budget, your priorities and almost everything else will revolve around this question about you.


So then why not solve this right away!  You and your family have a very different and distinct personality of your own.  No one else is exactly like you.  Sometimes you may like a particular kind of interiors when you go out for dining or for shopping or some friends place, but does it really mean that you can live in it for a long time.  Temporary attractions may be good but they may not really be what you want.  You will always be more comfortable in a home which reflects your own personality.

what matters?

What will matter is you and your choices.  If you like Indian style of home interiors, then let it be very clear to you.  If you like the western and more contemporary look, not bad!  That is what is in trend.  And many a times you may feel that you are hanging somewhere in between – a fusion of Indian and Western.  Well, whatever it be, just be clear.  Think what you can live in for a long time without feeling overwhelmed or bored.  Overdose of any single color or pattern or style can become a liability.  It may look good for a few days but soon you may run out of patience.


I suggest make a list of your likes and dislikes. Collect some relevant images of your choices, and then study to check what appeals to you.  Figure out what soothes you… greenery, light colors, particular patterns, some special fabric … or what else?  What do you dislike – cramped spaces, unkept things, cluttered table tops, scattered dirty linen … and what more?


During the interior design process, your design consultant will need all this information to know more about your way of living.  If you are still confused, nothing to worry about. 

Best Interior Design Consultant is one who can help you understand and achieve the desired results.

Eventually, the interior designer will find the best possible way to increase what you like and reduce what you dislike to achieve the perfect balance.  By the way, if you love the color blue, it does not mean the entire home has to be filled up with blue!!!


So choose a good interior designer and discuss your plans openly to start living the life of your dreams. 

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