The Interior Design Process

Time to know the interior design process, Working with an interior designer is not easy but it is definitely better than doing the work yourself. However, it is best to know more about your responsibilities as a client and important steps you need to follow when working with an interior designer.

First of all, you should establish a budget. You’re the only one who knows how much money you can spend on a project and you need to accurately communicate that number to the designer so he or she can make the right choices and suggestions. Given how many different options a designer can explore, it’s important to have at least a few guidelines.

After you have chosen your designer, signed up the contract and handed over the vital information of your requirements, you should just follow the process as detailed by your designer.

Usually you will be required to make a list of all your requirements, priorities, preferences and flexibility.  You must be sure of what you want to retain and what you have to discard. Discuss all of this with your designer right in the beginning so that he has a fair idea about the project and your thought process.

To have a better understanding of how a complete renovation evolves, you need to know all the steps. Some elements can allow you to save some money while other require quality and durability and usually cost more. The designer will tell where you need to invest more.

THe Process

First, the electrical installation and plumbing need to get replaced.  After that it’s time for the finishes (tiles, flooring, wall painting, etc.). Next come the windows and doors and then the furniture. After that, the lighting fixtures are added and then it’s time to install the appliances and the sinks and toilets. Once all of this is done, you can focus on decorating the space and add rugs, curtains, mirrors, pillows and everything else.


Now that you know all these steps, you can calculate the total budget you’ll need for the project.  You need to pay the electrician and the other professionals. The furniture and the lighting fixtures need to be bought and installed.  The interior décor accessories are a bit unpredictable and it’s hard to estimate how much these elements can cost. You also need to add the appliances like refrigerators, microwave, fans, air-conditioners and all the hardware to the list.  During estimation, keep additional margin for cartage, loading/unloading, price escalations and wastages.

A true and professional Interior Design Consultant will always be able to bring out the best results for your project within the limitations of your budget.  Find the best interior designer in Faridabad/Delhi NCR and start on your project.  A designer is worth every rupee spent!  So stop experimenting, set realistic expectations and start living a designer lifestyle!

The designer is the one that create the actual project. In the project he specifies all the important details such as the way the space is compartmentalized, how the windows and doors open, where the light switches are positioned, how the plumbing is installed, the dimensions of the furniture and the way it’s to be positioned in the room. Then you get to look over the project and make changes if necessary.


Then comes the fun part: the execution and implementation of the project. The products have to be selected either together with the designer when you both visits showrooms and shops or by the designer alone using the client’s budget. Then the team handling the remodel gets to work. The designer will visit a few times, during the crucial moments. During these visits he gets to make changes or adjustments if necessary.

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