Living in style is not a sin!!!

You have all the right to live beautifully and the best part is that you can. (if you have not been).


I get to talk to so many people and most of them have concerns about the way their home looks like. The ladies at home have their own set of requirements and well these keep changing with time. And I believe this is very natural.


In India, especially densely populated urban centres like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore etc… the spaces in an apartment are usually limited. The home remains the same over a long period of time which generally results in a mismatch.


You may belong to different social strata while your home says something else!!!

Here are the 5 strong indicators which tell – you too need to Re-Design your home:
Your home looks like a mix bag –

Over the years you would have purchased items of use at different times, from different places, of different styles, of different colours. Does something strike you!!! Yes, you are guessed this correct – there may be a major mis-match!!!


The family members feel uncomfortable using the spaces –

Over the time period you may entered a different phase of your life cycle … like your children may have grown up so no longer need the elaborate study table or then maybe your infants have grown up and you now need a proper study table!!! Either ways the room may need to be redesigned.

Your Rooms looked cramped –

I do not see any reason why a room should look cramped!!! Given the set of functionality a space need to perform, it can not only do well but also look inviting. Do you really want to live in boring and shabby looking rooms … or do you deserve to live in a dream room?


Upcoming social gathering at your home –

It’s the time of your life when a lot of relatives and friends are about to visit your home. In India, we do have a lot of occasions when such gatherings happen. You may want a different look for your home and may need a total makeover.


It’s been more than 5 years since the last renovation –

5 years is a big time period, especially in today’s fast changing world. If you have been wise, you would have kept a special fund aside for the home renovation work or else you would have grown financially to a status where you can afford a proper renovation!!! Wake up. It’s time for home makeover… Go for it now!!!

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