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All through the years we have met wonderful people.  They believed in us and in our capabilities, and gave us the opportunity to help them in redesigning their spaces.  We tried our best in our own signature style.  Here we share some of the reviews which they showered upon us!

Our heartfelt gratitude to all our clients who have helped us grow.

For us the main factor was that both I and my husband did not have time to supervise work, and we wanted someone who would take on the full responsibility, was reliable and would provide us end to end services. But once we made up our minds and handed over the flat keys to Vaneesh, we were so glad to have found him, and have never regretted our decision. He provided the designs and executed them for us. Vaneesh was very thorough in his work, very organised, very professional, time bound and reliable. You can totally trust Vaneesh to give the right advice and to deliver on time.
Mr. Srinivasan
Vaneesh is a hardworking interior designer whose creativity is a definite USP. I highly recommend his talents. Vaneesh’s work is punctual and was done professionally within the stipulated time lines (we completed the entire project within 4 months!!!). He did an excellent job of listening to my vision and translating it into a design that I appreciate very much. With his outgoing and warm personality, he is easy to work with and has experience in all areas of design, from classical to contemporary. I wish him the very best and look forward to many more projects for him.
Sanjay Datta Gupta client
Mr. Sanjay Datta Gupta
Mega Calibre, New Delhi
We knew he uses high quality material for his projects. His sense of design and color scheme had always appealed to us and hence we did not take any time on who will do it for us. Though he seems expensive, I would say that he is worth it … for the effort and time he puts into his work. He was always there by our side … guiding us and helping us in achieving what we wanted!!! People well known in our industry and architects who usually buy material from us have highly appreciated Vaneesh Mittal’s design and services.
Mr. Naveen Bansal
Bansal Timber, New Delhi
I feel that hiring professional interior designer services is worth every rupee. I had an excellent experience when I met Vaneesh Mittal for the first time and gave Eternity Designers the work of my home renovation. Soon I realized that his professional expertise and friendly approach was a perfect match to complete my project. He came up with superb design which was practical and timeless. They focus on “Designing Timeless Spaces” which is an excellent concept. He has helped me in saving a lot of time, effort and money. They are worth the money they charge!!!
Mr. Azhar Khan
Though my contact with Mr. Vaneesh Mittal started with a small interior designing of the drawing room of my house, I found in him the sincerity, acumen and dedication in the job at hand. He is very thorough in the time and labor management. Mr. Vaneesh has very good knowledge of various types of interior designs and very good at dealing in colors and at its various combinations to give the end product a brilliant hue. I always found a satisfactory smile on their face after their work is completed. Wishing his team the very best…
Mr. G. N. Balasubramanium
Vaneesh proved to be the perfect choice … He did a great job of planning the space to exactly suit my requirements. I would say I am more than satisfied with the results. His vast expertise and creativity, along with extensive resources available to him have saved me countless hours and thousands of Rupees. He is knowledgeable, creative, competent, and professional. He has a great attitude and an excellent work ethic. I would certainly recommend his design team to all and offer many more design opportunities to Eternity Designers in the years to come."
Mr. Anurag Anand
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