4000 sq. ft.

Total Carpet Area

450 sq.ft.

Events Area






Meeting Rooms


A co-working hub created on show-string budgets.  It sets a benchmark on its own!  Designed to create a balance between aesthetics, minimum costs, and maximum business returns.  As a newcomer to the co-working industry, BHive11 got the much needed direction from Eternity Designers.

Rest is history!

BHive11 - CoWorking Hub

CoWorking Redefined

As a lead design firm for this project, Eternity Designers were entrusted with the responsibility to turn around the floor space in a commercially viable business project… maximum revenue stream from minimum cost incurred.  Being a new venture of the business owners, the space was designed in two phases.

Phase I and Phase II were done with some time interval to allow for tweaks to the business model requirements.  This was yet another challenge, being the same floor done in two different time periods, with different set of requirements.  Yet, the design was perfectly merged to complement the previous area.


Vaneesh Mittal


South Delhi, Delhi NCR

Project Year

June – August 2018