5400 sq.ft


2700 sq.ft.

Stocks Area

1350 sq. ft.

Showroom Display

900 sq. ft.


450.0 sq. ft.



One of the most noticed and celebrated showrooms in Delhi NCR.  A lavish office which celebrates wood, a premium lounge, dedicated displays and indoor pergola… need we say more…

take a glimpse into our premium showroom project!


Its not just a showroom!

As you step in, a gracious front office welcomes you to the showroom.  The waiting lounge offers comfort seating while the specialist sales team connects with you.  This area showcases wood and wooden materials in live usage… you would notice a balanced use of veneers and real wood.  And the glass partition invites you to enter the showroom area to explore all that this place has to offer.  While everything is at the same floor level, yet you walk through the spaces discovering new things all the way!

The showroom itself is well housed with a dedicated management desk and a huge indoor pergola.  This showroom has been designed to offer VIP treatment to all buyers… as they sit in the pergola.  A special lift up LED TV Screen enables presentations while all catalogs are available as you remain seated.  In-house pantry serves hot coffee and you can make your selections as if in the comfort of your home.  Team Eternity has left no stone unturned in creating a true royal experience while you make purchases at this beautifully designed showroom.


Vaneesh Mittal


New Delhi, India

Project Year

May – September 2017